Be My Safety

Be My Safety is a personal safety app which helps you easily notify and connect with your trusted contacts should you feel in danger.

What will the app Do

Invite your Trustees

You can invite up to 10 of your trusted contacts as your Trustees.

SOS - Notifies contacts

When you long press SOS button, the app will notify two or more of your chosen contacts (Trustees).

Follow Me feature

The app will send your real-time location to a chosen contact (Trustees) so they can keep an eye on you when you feel unsafe.

Fake Call feature

You can pretend to be on a call with someone using the Fake Call feature. The app will enable a call to your phone and a prerecorded message will start playing once you answer the phone.

How It Works

Download and install the app from Google Play or App Store and then you can create a free account using your phone number. You set your permissions’ preferences and you add your chosen contacts as Trustees (friends and family you can notify should you feel in danger).

The App

Create a
Free Account


Add contacts
as Trustees